Monday, April 16, 2007

The Worst Day Ever!

Last night while Chris and I were watching Dallas (best show ever made) I noticed that the back of the couch was wet. The couch that I was sitting on. I have been taking a lot of cold medicine, and I am blaming that, but I still don't understand how I didn't notice that this was happening right above my head:

And I also didn't notice that this was happening on the other side of the room:
We got a ridiculous amount of rain/snow yesterday and the ground isn't really ready to absorb all of that, so we were worried because we have a historically wet basement. Around 8 in the evening, we went downstairs and the floor was typically damp, no big deal, we thought we dodged that bullet. Until this morning when Chris went to feed the cats and found this:

Please try to ignore the general chaos of the basement and focus on the water. The 5 inches of water that is just sitting there like it belongs there. I was set to start a new contract 200 miles from here today, so I kissed him goodbye, wished him luck and headed on down the highway. This is where things get really bad for me. I dumped a whole water bottle in my breifcase all over my phone and computer, then I drove in monsoon conditions until I was 20 miles from NYC, then traffic completely stopped and I had conveniently just finished my second diet coke, and I sat there for 45 minutes moving approximately 1 mile every 10 minutes. Then I got a call from the new client. They weren't ready for me today. UGH! I had to drive another 10 miles south before I could turn around and that took me another 20 minutes and then I drove home. The whole ordeal took me 5 hours which really stinks, but at least I am home to help Chris deal with the basement. I borrowed one pump and bought another and am in the process of pumping it out now which seems to be going well. Hopefully we can clear out all of the water before another storm comes. We're supposed to be soggy for the better part of the next two weeks.

Another thing to mention is that one shouldn't expect rubber boots purchased at Ann Taylor to be completely waterproof for flooded basement situations.

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