Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Bumpy Wall (Formerly Known as The Hole)

The Hole has been a problem for us for a while. It is the thing that started the whole kitchen project. I have waffled and flip flopped about The Hole for months. To plaster or not to plaster? Should we really install a hood ourselves? How much rot do you think is under the lath? Oh no, what do we do about the rot? Where do you buy plaster supplies? etc.

Today we finally dealt with The Hole. Here's the sequence of events:

1. Start cutting hole for hood vent.
2. Break all bits for saw. Send Chris to HD for more.
3. Start cutting 2x4's for new studs and header. Saw batteries are all dead.
4. Too lazy to drag 2x4's to table saw, go to den and lay on couch.
5. Eat Lindt truffles and take nap.
6. Finally get up and complete reinforcing wall and installing vent.
7. Go back to HD for nails for lath, stare at sinks and faucets, eat early dinner.
8. Nail up lath, drop 50% of brads on floor.
9. Mix plaster recipe. Glop plaster all over. Mix more plaster.

Here's Chris putting the finishing touches on the scratch coat. Hopefully it will still be on the wall in the morning.

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