Monday, July 23, 2007

Cook Nook... Before and After

I am making the executive decision to call this portion of the kitchen 'Finished'. OK, it's not really 100% finished, but we're down to the punchlist and we're frozen where we are until the missing parts for the island light fixture arrive. I work as a consultant, so I am skilled at declaring things Finished!

This is what the Nook looked like before the snow storm that caused the Hole:

I just realized that in the photo it may look like Chris and I are drinking heavily. This is surely not the case. The night this photo was taken we were hosting a very innocuous baby shower and we were merely making 'punch'.

And this is what the Nook looked like not so long ago. I would say that was the low point.

Here are the most recent photos:

At some point I plan to build a cabinet that matches the other kitchen cabinets to put on the left side of the stove. By 'some point' I mean, 'when I acquire the woodworking skills for cabinet making', so that could be a while. It's definitely not on the punch list.

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