Friday, May 16, 2008


The photos from the last post were taken February 9th and nothing had been done since then aside from waffling about what to do with the walls and how much money it should cost.  All of the large furniture in the living room was clumped together in the middle, all of the small furniture in the living room was stuffed into the solarium, and all of the objects d'art were sitting dust-covered on the dining table.  I shouldn't be using the past tense here because all of those things are still in that condition.  I could very effectively ignore this because I've been out of town Monday thru Thursday every week for the last 3.5 years.  This Monday, I started a job where I'll be coming home to the Alamo every night and suddenly finishing the project has been moved up the priority ladder.  I made a motion to finish the scraping and slap some paint on the walls because it would be fast and cheap and then we can think about papering when we're rich and bored (I can't wait!)

There are two inspiring rooms that contributed to this idea.  Unfortunately I can only scan one of them in low resolution black and white, so here's the other one which was stolen from the Rejuvenation website.  If you have a lot of money to spend on really great fixtures, check the site out.
The other room is a dark grey-green-brown color that I have a hard time explaining and an even harder time matching.  Maybe someday I'll break out my own scanner which is collecting dust at the very top shelf in the office and scan the magazine page.  Of course, scanners and monitors never show colors exactly right so no two people will agree on what color the room is and it won't do any good anyway.
I picked what I thought were close matches for the inspiration rooms and painted swatches on an already scraped portion of the living room.

I also painted the ceiling with metallic gold paint in keeping with the idea that historic ceiling papers would've been painted with metallic pigments to reflect the new fangled, but dim electric lights.  Well, neither of the swatches made me happy and Steve The Scraper said that the gold ceiling looked like a 1970's discotheque.  Time to continue scraping and mull this over...

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