Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

This fall I had the great idea that I would go back to school. Then Jude (the dog) decided that he would gallop around the countryside for a month. Then Chris and I both decided that we would apply for graduate school. All this while I am still working in NJ and living in a hotel three nights a week. My class is winding up and our applications are submitted and the dog is back, so hopefully we can get back to the fun stuff.

We got some motivation for house work just in time for Thanksgiving. I was thinking of picking up a used range and sticking it in the basement to use for bigger dinner parties. Chris suggested a wall oven next to our current range, I looked at craig's list and viola! A short drive and 25 bucks later, we have a second oven.

It's not exactly a showroom kitchen, but it really helped for cooking Thanksgiving dinner and I'm happy to have it.

New roof starts tomorrow. My favorite kind of work, things get done without me doing them. Plus, the added benefit that it stops raining in the kitchen!

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