Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hoosier Style Cabinet Update

Chris finally got some information on the cabinet that we ordered for the kitchen. It turns out that the factory lost every single purchase order on one day in May and it happens to be the day that we ordered ours. Their only recourse was to wait 6-8 weeks for people to start calling and then build the furniture. They said that they would put a rush on our piece, but we still won't have it before the beginning of September.
Here is a photo of the cabinet:

I looked at Hoosier reproductions, but they just didn't suit our needs. I think this will work out beautifully. We didn't order it in this two tone color scheme, ours is all one color and it will be a color called antique glow, not too red, not too yellow, a nice medium natural wood color. That is... if we ever get it.

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