Tuesday, August 7, 2007

No Progress. None at all...

We are now at the part of the kitchen project where time has slowed to nearly a stop. I am spending 8 hours a day on phone and email trying to get 1. Light Fixture Parts and 2. Hoosier Style Cabinet.

Unfortunately the light fixture situation has degenerated into me threatening to have 'my attorney' deal with them. I don't mention that 'my attorney' is my sister who practices criminal law and knows more about heroin than light fixtures or sales contracts. To back up my whole attorney thing I also call Visa and file complaints with anyone who has an online form, then I get back to the threatening emails. I like to write them two or three times before I send them out. My high school English teacher would be so proud. Finally, one of my threatening emails has gotten through and they vowed that they would replace the whole fixture if they couldn't get me the right parts this time. I'll believe it when it's lighting up the kitchen.

Chris has actually been handling the cabinet because it's a local vendor and he can go over there and intimidate them at lunchtime. OK, intimidation isn't actually necessary because they are super nice and they're trying to figure out exactly where the cabinet is and they've already waived the delivery fee and I'm hoping it takes a little longer and they'll throw in some dining chairs for our trouble.

Right now all of our dishes are on the dining table gathering dust and animal hair and you know that we're not wiping them off before we use them... even if we have company, and my mom and bonus dad are coming out for a visit later this week and I was hoping to get the dishes in the cabinet before they showed up so they would presume that said dishes were clean. Hopefully they won't read this before they show up.

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