Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Weekend Work

Since we are at a standstill on our current project we decided to work on our friend and fellow old house dweller Stephen S.'s house. He is actually selling this old house to move into a different old house that has a couple of barns and a babbling brook, so he is contractually obligated to finish a few projects before the closing. When I say a few, I mean more like 15 projects that require advanced woodworking skills and lots and lots of time. Since Chris and I are not skilled labor, we just painted clapboards while Stephen S. did the hard stuff. It was actually a very pleasant day. Much better than Sunday...

On Sunday we decided to take the cook nook light fixture down and paper the ceiling even though we don't have much light in the room without it. Chris would just have to finish his business in the kitchen before sundown. The cook nook is a perfectly rectangular area and we only had to cut around the light fixture, so it was going to be super easy and fast. Of course, it wasn't either of those things and we did eventually get all of the paper stuck to the ceiling, but it isn't our best work so I'll spare you a photo until it gets painted.

Here is a photo of Stephen's house:
Nice, eh? I've known him since 2001 when I first moved to Albany. He was my boss at the time so we stuck to polite conversation like the painstaking stripping of the entire house down to bare wood, reproduction of the porch apron, repair and reproduction of any missing or broken wood work, new storm sashes, new working shutters and of course re-painting the whole thing. I still think he was crazy, but you can't deny what beautiful work he's done.

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